Kentucky Horse Show Rugs

If you are looking for quality the Kentucky show rugs are probably the best made and best-produced show rugs your horse will ever wear. Made with such attention to detail, the materials and fabrics used in Kentucky Horsewear sets the brand apart from other brands on the market.

The Kentucky Show Rugs, are a head-turner with that amazing WOW factor. Since their arrival onto the equestrian scene, the rugs are worn by both professional and amateur riders and purchased by owners that want the best for their horses. With Kentucky's slogan ‘protect your investment’ we want the very best quality and design for our horses.

The Horseshow rug is a Flagship product from the luxury equestrian brand, Kentucky and this year is available at Imperial Equestrian, in Black, Navy or Green all with the wonderful faux rabbit skin soft lining, kindest on even the most sensitive skin and artificial natural coloured sheepskin around the neck., making it recognizable.  Nothing compares to the original Kentucky show rug!

This autumn, Kentucky has made a limited edition Velvet show rug, in 4 stunning colours which match their velvet collection of saddle pads, fly veils, fleece polo bandages and dog collars and leads. The Colours are Emerald green, Mustard, Navy & Old Rose. Their benefit from all the sample key features as the show rugs but have a washable velvet outer. 

We stock a large number of luxury brands including Kentucky dog wear too! If you want Kentucky horse wear then you have come to the right place!